Geocentral Healing Stones Kit

  • $20.00

Looking for a new way to take care of yourself? Geocentral offers the highest quality, best-selling crystal healing rock sets and kits on the market. Each gemstone comes with its own story and purpose, featuring silver foil packaging and lay-flat design so that customers can easily read about their unique history.  The Geocentral Collection also promotes positive messages about how we can all work together to make our planet greener with product recycling information on the inner cover.

12 pocket-sized stones:
-clear quartz (balance + rejuvenation)
-rose quartz (love + harmony)
-lepidolite (calmness + hope)
-amethyst (peace + aura clearing)
-green aventurine (heart + motivation)
-sodalite (logic + truth)
-yellow jade (dreams + ambition)
-orange calcite (appreciation + health)
-carnelian (creativity + releasing grief)
-dalmatian jasper (nurture + protection)
-tiger eye (stability + beauty)
-black obsidian (grounding + sincerity)

Packaging Features:
-eye-catching silver foil details
-100% cotton muslin drawstring bag
-lay-flat package design for easy use
-product life cycle + recycling information

Size: 5.25”L x 4.5”W x 1.25”H

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