Our Story

Hi! I’m Aylin Cabrera. Welcome to Tainable :)


I am a LA native, Jersey raised. I have always been interested in fashion, even won best dressed in high school! I then knew I needed to go to college for fashion! Now fashion is very broad, I knew I didn’t have the creative talent to design, so I decided to explore the business aspect. I help promote and support women owned businesses and creators. I want to grow my platform even more to welcome other new vendors to the shop!

"For years I’ve dreamed of opening my own boutique to share my eye for thrifting and personal style, which is highly influenced by my Bolivian roots (and love of llamas!)"


I focused on sales and social media marketing for the past 10 years and took the skills I learned from my previous experiences into my own business. I am a one woman show from sales, marketing and operation. I went to the Fashion Insititure of Technology for my associates degree! Here you’ll find unique, hand-selected fashion and home accessories that are not only eye catching, but also environmentally friendly. Sustainability is a major part of my brand, and I do what I can to educate myself (and hopefully others along the way) about how to make sustainable living a practical reality.



"I’ve realized that a great first step is to be conscious of what I wear, and how I fill my

That’s why I’m curating a collection of whimsical, quality pieces that are either pre-loved or ethically made. So enjoy my shop, and I’ll leave you with one thing: with a little mindfulness and a lot of hard work, anything is at(tainable)!